Special ECM Solutions for LIMS and BOS

Modular software solutions for organizing and documentation processes in laboratories, authorities and organisations with emergency services.

Innovative. Reliable. Audit-proof.

OPTIMAL SYSTEMS Jena has been developing innovative solutions for digital working with documents for many years. Our employees have special knowledge as biologists, security forces as well as from the field of automotive and chemistry. Our team is certified according to ISO 9001:2015, is cleared to the German Ü2-security-check and works according to the BSI-Guidelines for IT-security.

Our Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) makes it possible to digitally picture and automate laboratory processes according to your own specifications. Our solutions meet the high demands in the regulated environment: With traceable workflows and revision-proof workflows.


Authorities and organisations with security functions (BOS) must function smoothly even under high pressure. A reliable document management system guarantees coordinated work. We are specialised for these requirements. Numerous clients from the police and security sector trust our expertise.

Trust and Responsibility

Police and security authorities have special requirements when it comes to digital information management. Their solutions need to withstand high pressure and be secure from the inside out. Due to this reason numerous state police forces and their connected administrations have chosen enaio®.


An assured handling of the information calls for economy above all else. Therefore, we don’t communicate any details to our users and demonstrate our responsibility as a service provider in the security sector.