About Us

TST Agencies

T = Technology | S = Systems |T = Trade

TST Agencies was founded  20 years ago,  

“We focus on sourcing and applying high tech solutions to the Southern African Textile and Leather industry”






All our suppliers manufacture products which conform to environmental standards with the focus on optimising procedures , cost saving efficiencies: time, water and energy with the highest manufacturing standards in order to make our customer’s end product competitive, add value and consider the environment.


We have the same local partners for the past 20 years handling our administration, customs clearing, shipping, storage and delivery of our products to our clients, which allows us to be efficient with all relevant logistics and conform to local health, safety and environmental standards. This allows our technicians to focus on our customers’ needs on site. 


 We proudly value our integrity & honesty , with a purpose of forming long term sustainable relationships in business & trade.